What To Take Note Of When Purchasing Car Insurance

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Have you recently purchased a gleaming, brand new car? With COE premium prices climbing incessantly, buying a car is a luxury and also the best mode of transportation, offering unbeatable comfort, privacy and convenience. 

What’s next after buying your latest car? Car insurance, of course! If you are currently on the lookout for the cheapest or the best-value car insurance plans offered in Singapore, you may be confused at all the variation and difference in the perks, features and benefits offered by different insurers and providers.

True enough, it is rather challenging to even get an accurate quotation of the car insurance which you are most suited for, because most insurance providers require you to input a variety of factors. So many factors could play a part in determining the amount of premiums that you need to pay, including some surprising ones like gender. Other factors may include age, percentage of the No Claim Discount you are eligible for, years of driving experience, brand model of your car, number of demerit points, and many more. 

That aside, different types of car insurance policies also offer a wide array of different features. Let us go through some of them today. 


Car Insurance Benefits 

1. Windscreen Damages 

Driving on the roads can be a dangerous affair and many scenarios could happen, contributing to a shattered windscreen or damaged windows. Repair costs at the workshop may be hefty, and this is why many car insurance plans offer unlimited claim limits for this particular area of coverage.

2. Personal Accident 

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to driving is surely the drivers’ and passengers’ life and safety. Do take note that many car insurance plans only insure the main driver when it comes to Personal Accident coverage. There are also various areas of coverage, which include accident and medical expenses, accidental loss due to fire or theft, and many others. Various plans may have differing levels of coverage, and it is hence important that you take a look at the policy wordings before making the purchase. 

3. 3rd Party Liability 

It is compulsory for drivers in Singapore to minimally be insured against 3rd party liability. This would play a part in the case whereby you are involved in an incident with another driver, leading to the other driver’s death or damages. Most car insurance plans offer coverage for this aspect, but it is certainly something crucial to look out for. 

4. Temporary Transport 

In the unfortunate scenario where you are involved in an accident on the roads while driving, it is possible that you may sustain injuries, or that your car is destroyed. In this case, it would be necessary for you to spend on additional transportation options, such as taking a taxi, bus or MRT while you recover from your injuries and your car is being repaired. Some car insurance providers hence offer coverage for temporary transport, by giving the insured an allowance of up to $50 a day for this newly incurred expense.  

Scouring through the arious car insurance websites can be a daunting task, as it is also rather tedious and time-consuming. Why not let us take on the job and help you to compile all you need to know into 1 website? Visit your car insurance compilation page now for the best car insurance plans offered in Singapore! 

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